Setting the tone

Cultra Manor’s spaces can comfortably accommodate up to 100 delegates. Our selection of rooms offers flexibility, privacy and grandeur.

Making it

Cultra Manor gives your gala dinners or award ceremonies the elegance and glamour they deserve. Whether it’s a black-tie event of epic proportions or a more intimate shindig, our dedicated events team will look after every detail!

Kennedy Room


Banquet layout – 100 capacity
Theatre layout – 100 capacity
Reception layout – 100 capacity
Classroom layout – 60 capacity

Drawing Room


Theatre layout – 90 capacity
Banquet layout – 60 capacity
Reception layout – 60 capacity
Classroom layout – 30 capacity

Dining Room


Banquet layout – 18 capacity
Boardroom layout – 18 capacity

Space for
minds to meet

There are three key plenary and hospitality spaces where you can gather everyone together – the Kennedy Room, Drawing Room and Dining Room.

The Study, Library Bar and Foyer offer additional breakout spaces for smaller groups.

Networking & Welcome Receptions

Welcome your international delegates and visitors to Northern Ireland with a beautiful reception in complete comfort and unrivalled style at Cultra Manor.

Introduce them to the history, culture and people of Ulster with an immersive experience at the Ulster Folk Museum, just a short walk away.

Our exceptional, corporate venue facilities include:


Dining &

The centrepiece of your formal dinner or award ceremony is the food. Our hospitality team will draw on years of fine dining experience and skill to work with you in crafting a menu that your guests will savour. Each dish is created with fresh, local and seasonal produce – some of it grown right here at Cultra Manor.

Your support

Every corporate event and wedding booking at Cultra Manor supports the work of National Museums NI, a registered charity, that develops, manages and cares for heritage and collections for the benefit of current and future generations. Download our Impact Report to see how you too could contribute to this incredible work, helping us to cherish and protect the things that are so easily forgotten in this busy world.

For every £1 we receive through bookings and admissions, we generate £6 in social and economic return for the benefit of all people and communities in Northern Ireland.