Can you recommend nearby hotels?

Unfortunately, there is no accommodation on site, but there are a number of options close by. The museum is located next to the Culloden Estate and Spa and there are many other options including hotels, guesthouse and B&Bs in the local area. You can [...]

Can you recommend nearby hotels?2022-03-13T18:37:27+00:00

Where is Cultra Manor located?

Cultra Manor is located within the Ulster Folk Museum at Cultra, Holywood. Ulster Folk Museum is about seven miles, or 10 minutes, east of Belfast City Centre. It is accessible by road, rail and bus.

Where is Cultra Manor located?2022-01-19T21:41:14+00:00

Do you have wi-fi?

There is free wi-fi throughout the museum. If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch to discuss it in more detail. Bandwidth availability can vary due to demand.

Do you have wi-fi?2020-10-01T15:48:10+01:00

What audio-visual facilities are available?

The Kennedy Room, Drawing Room and Dining Room have AV facilities. Each has a screen with data projector that can play video, presentations and music. There is also a wireless microphone system. You can place video calls from all three rooms, provided you have [...]

What audio-visual facilities are available?2020-10-01T15:45:51+01:00

Are parking facilities available?

We have 70 car parking spaces at Cultra Manor, including four disabled spaces. Additional car parking areas are available for large-scale events.

Are parking facilities available?2023-06-16T13:18:34+01:00

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

We have a staffed, stocked and licensed bar with an extensive wine selection on site, available for your use. We do not offer corkage. We have a late licence at Cultra Manor. We are permitted to serve alcohol until 12.30 am.

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?2022-10-06T15:04:33+01:00

Do you provide onsite catering, or can we supply our own catering?

We are proud to be working exclusively with our award-winning hospitality partner Craft Event Co which offer elegant, delicious & stylish food to suit all budgets. They will arrange all aspects of your catering.

Do you provide onsite catering, or can we supply our own catering?2022-03-04T13:20:09+00:00

Are there restrictions on décor?

You are welcome to bring in your own suppliers for table dressing and flower arrangements. There are restrictions on naked flames inside the manor. You are not permitted candles inside, but you can use them outside, provided they are inside a glass lantern. You [...]

Are there restrictions on décor?2020-10-01T15:41:32+01:00

What are the access times for set-up?

We can accommodate set-up on the day before your event at a time that is convenient to you and our team at Cultra Manor, provided there is no event that day. If set up cannot be accommodated on the day before, we will provide [...]

What are the access times for set-up?2020-10-01T15:40:44+01:00

Are all of your event spaces accessible?

Yes, all of our rooms are accessible. The entire manor is wheelchair accessible and we have one wheelchair accessible lift. Wheelchair toilets are available on the ground floor beside the lift and on the first floor beside the Kennedy Room.

Are all of your event spaces accessible?2020-10-01T15:39:54+01:00
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